Domingo Saiko Familiar

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado
The throat chokers, cut-throat jokers
Juggalotus and you know this
most hated rave on the planet
So fresh they can’t stand it
Dark Karnival minions
The Dukes of the Wicked
The Wicked-wicky-wocked-wicky-wicked Klowns
So check out our
Freaky Karnival Show
La entrada sera gratis a quien traiga la cara pintada de payaso.OJO: En caso de no tener la cara pintada de payaso se cobrará una cooperación de $100.
Scary Demented & Craaaazy
Line Up:⋆ Barak
⋆ Breathead
⋆ Cocodrilo
⋆ Ikari
⋆ Kuatli
⋆ Nous
⋆ Pandemia
⋆ Pepe Wash
⋆ Seggae
⋆ Shove
⋆ Tliltik
⋆ TronSound System: HK Audio
Artwork by: Lu S

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