Day Zero Festival 2015

VENUE-UPDATE : Moon Valley


RA:Tickets : (Exclusively selling on RA)
Movie :

For the third episode, Day Zero festival brings another chance to reset, reconnect and experience a different reality on Saturday 10th January 2015.

Set within the jungles of Mexico, on a pristine site of pyramids, ancient cenotes and palapa dwellings, Crosstown Rebels’ experimental festival is an immersive adventure featuring traditional Mayan ceremonies, consciousness talks, sunrise yoga and tai chi, sweat lodges and fire walking.

This special day will be soundtracked by the debut live show of Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, a four-piece band who will showcase as yet unheard material from their forthcoming album. Unique performances from DJ Harvey, Matthew Dear, DJ Three, Ali Love (live), Citizen, Francesca Lombardo, Laura Jones and Fur Coat will thread into specially curated live shows from Mathew Jonson and Metrika. The vast site is open to endless encounters and promises intimate performances as well as those atop the pyramid structures.

Local Mayan warriors return to host multiple ceremonies throughout the night in full traditional costume to open the energy channels, cleanse those in attendance and celebrate their ancient practises. This is a chance to expand your knowledge, lose inhibitions and engage in a magical bonding experience.

All food on site is organic and locally sourced, with special potions available at the Mescal Bar and elixir booth. The site has been developed further with multiple functioning swimming pools, cleansing rituals and woodland walks, workshops in mayan crafts and more.

Produced in collaboration with Secret Productions, infamous for their work on the some of the UK’s best festivals such as Secret Garden Party (2009-2012), Wilderness and Lovebox, as well as Unleash from London and Lost Democracy, this special partnership gives a rich and insightful taste of this mystical wonderland.

Ali Love (live)
Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons (live)
DJ Harvey
DJ Three
Francesca Lombardo
Fur Coat
Laura Jones
Matthew Dear
Mathew Jonson (live)
Metrika (live)
Sidartha Siliceo (live)
Special Guests


Sunset Ticket

We have released a limited number of Sunset-tickets for the dedicated souls that are looking for the full DAY ZERO experience from start to finish.

Come take part in the day-time adventure and be part of an unfolding ride of a lifetime.

Arrival before sunset (17.30 // 5.30 PM)
No re-entry for the committed


Group Tickets

In the spirit of sharing great experiences with your nearest and dearest we are happy to announce that we will be selling a limited number of reduced priced group tickets.

This is a chance to create and unforgettable experience for you and your friends

Buy 4 tickets and only pay for three.

These are available as normal entry tickets and and as Sunset tickets (entry before 5.30 PM)

Arriving together is the only rule for these tickets



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